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Betsy's Pro Makeup

xo, Betsy G.



My Story


I come from a long line of artists, makeup is my pallet. I have a passion for beauty and strive to bring out the best in all of my clients. I am trained in traditional and airbrush makeup for beauty, bridal, fashion, film/tv and print with 10 years experience. I have always loved to draw, but my love for makeup started in high school. I studied magazine ads and celebrity photos to try to recreate different looks on myself. I then moved on to my first makeup job working at Clinique. It was there that I really found my calling and knew being a makeup artist was going to be my career. Clinique was the perfect place to practice my skill, as there were so many different face shapes, skin types and concerns to work with. They also taught me that makeup is only as beautiful as the skin underneath. They sent me to classes to be trained in skincare so that I could really help my clients not only mask their concerns, but to  improve them as well. I really enjoyed helping people feel beautiful and wanted to continue doing that on my own. After 4 years with Clinique, i moved on to become a freelance artist and perfected my technique as the years passed. I went on to achieve my professional certification as a Makeup Artist at Joe Blasco Makeup Artistry school in Orlando, FL. There I met and learned from some amazing people. I continue to educate myself in current trends and new techniques, as well as invest in the highest quality products to bring to my clients. Beauty and Fashion makeup is my absolute favorite, as I have had several opportunities in this area. One of them being the lead artist for the Peter Coppola line at the Orlando Premiere Hair Show for 4 years. I learned how to really utilize and work with a team to create an amazing final product. With this and other experiences I find myself loving the bridal industry as well. I've learned that women want to look feminine and natural, yet in keeping with modern style. I love creating a personalized look that makes women feel like their best selves. 

Book me for your corporate or private makeup service, a personalized makeup lesson so you can achieve flawless makeup at home, or let me come to you and prep you for your special event.








Before & Afters / Behind the Scenes